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Caretaker Potato Grading Line

Caretaker Potato Grading Line

Tong Engineering is proud to have been selected as chosen supplier of an advanced Caretaker potato grading line for a well-known UK family owned agricultural business. The company farm and manage land throughout the UK and hold a strong focus on innovative farming for a sustainable future.

This high capacity grading line is fed by a Tong Hopper which transfers potatoes to a Tong EasyClean. The EasyClean works exceptionally well in all crop cleaning conditions whilst being very gentle on your valuable crop. With Inverter Direct Drive motors on every shaft, the EasyClean offers unrivalled crop cleaning at the touch of a button.

Potato grading with Tong’s EasyGrade screen unit. Gentle box filling with Tong Midi EasyFill Box Fillers.

Another advanced handling line designed and built with the customer’s every need in mind. For more information on Tong’s industry leading Caretaker grader click here.