When it comes to bulb sizing, dirt eliminating, conveying and handling, Tong offers unrivalled experience and expertise. We design and manufacture custom-built bulb sizing machines and bulb conveyor machines, as well as bulb handling equipment (including infeed unloaders).

Manufactured to offer gentle yet effective bulb sizing and dirt eliminating, Tong’s range of bulb handling equipment allows you to effectively sort and pack your bulbs from field to bin or tote! From heavy-duty bulb hoppers that are built to receive bulbs straight from the field, to efficient bulb coil dirt eliminators for effective soil removal, and robust lift roller sizers for an accurate bulb conveyor, Tong’s team of design engineers pride themselves in listening to your bulb sizing and handling needs and creating a solution to suit your specific requirements.

TAILOR-MADE bulb SIZing machines

Whatever your bulb handling needs, from a stand-alone bulb hopper to a complete bulb handling system, Tong offers a reliable bulb system that will offer added value and increased productivity throughout your bulb weighing, sizing and packing operations. We can also add in roller inspection tables at the end of the line, to help with your bulb processing and packaging.

Handling Processes

Bulb Sizing Machine

Bulb Sizing Machine

Tong is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality vegetable sizing equipment, and when it comes to sizing bulbs it is no exception. The most popular method of bulb sizing is by lift roller sizing units. Tong manufactures a wide range of lift roller sizers that offer accurate allium and bulb sizing, sizing bulbs by their width/diameter upon a series of moving sizing rollers.

The bulb sizing rollers are manufactured with a fixed row of under-rollers, and adjustable height top rollers. The gaps between the rollers create the specified grade sizes, which increase as the bulbs pass over the roller bed. Small sized bulbs pass through the lift roller sizer first, and subsequent grades are achieved as they pass over the increasingly spaced rollers. Tong’s market leading lift roller sizers can be manufactured to achieve a wide variety of bulb sizes to suit your specific requirements.

For more details on Tong’s lift roller sizers suitable for bulb sizing please click here.

Bulb Dirt Eliminating

Bulb Dirt Eliminating

An important part of the bulb sorting and handling process is effective bulb dirt eliminating, to remove soil and dust from bulbs post-harvest. Tong manufactures a number of bulb dirt eliminators which can be integrated as part of a complete mobile or static bulb handling system. Alternatively, they can be used as a stand-alone machine.

A bulb rod dirt eliminator is one of the most popular bulb dirt eliminating machines, and is built to incorporate a dirt eliminating barrel, featuring a drum comprising of a series of rods. The bulb rod dirt eliminator gently tumbles the bulbs as they pass through the barrel loosening any soil or debris from harvest and effectively removing it.

Tong’s coil dirt eliminator is also a popular bulb dirt eliminating system which allows bulbs to pass over a series of coil shafts, whilst soil and debris falls through the coils and onto a waste bulb conveyor. Coil dirt eliminating of bulbs is a very effective way of removing soil from bulbs. When using an adjustable coil dirt eliminator, the gap between the coils can be set to allow small bulbs to be graded out by the coils.

For more information on Tong’s range of bulb dirt eliminating equipment click here.


Bulb Inspection

Bulb Inspection

Tong manufactures bulb and allium inspection facilities to suit all bulb handling situations, available as roller inspection tables or as a flat inspection bulb conveyor. Tong bulb inspection facilities are manufactured to your exact specification and are built to last.

For more information on Tong bulb inspection tables click here.

Bulb Hoppers

Bulb Hoppers

If you are looking for a heavy duty, robust and reliable bulb hopper then look no further than Tong Engineering. Manufactured to the highest standards, Tong bulb hoppers are built with strength and performance in mind, featuring heavy duty chain and lathe construction. Tong infeed hoppers are gentle on crops with a rubber-lined infeed for smooth and gentle transfer of bulbs post-harvest. With capacities to suit all requirements and outputs, you are sure to find a Tong hopper that suits your bulb handling needs.

For more information on Tong’s wide range of hoppers please click here.

Bulb filling and bulb weighing

Bulb filling and bulb weighing

Tong’s market leading range of bin and tote filling equipment is unrivalled for its simplicity in design, as well as ease of use, minimal maintenance and gentle handling of crop. So, whether you are looking for gentle bulb filling into bins or big totes, Tong’s range of bulb filling equipment offers a number of options to fulfill your needs.

One of the most popularly used bin fillers for filling bulbs into bins is the Tong Midi EasyFill bin filler which gently cradles crop in the machine’s unique doorstop belt, ensuring minimal drops and the very gentlest handling.

Tong’s Big Tote Bins are often a popular choice to be used alongside the EasyFill bin filler, offering efficient filling and bulb weighing.

For more information on Tong’s complete range of bulb filling equipment and bulb weighing equipment, click here.

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