A key component in any Tong mobile or fixed vegetable sizing line is a suitable dirt elimination unit, the coil dirt eliminator ensures effective crop dirt eliminating and sizing out of small crop post-harvest.

Tong offers a wide range of vegetable dirt eliminators, which can be specified to suit your exact crop dirt eliminating requirements. By effectively removing dirt from crop at the start of the crop handling process, you will achieve more accurate and efficient potato and vegetable sizing results. Tong’s dirt eliminators are also ideal for removing excess soil from crop prior to transport or storage.


Manufactured in a choice of polyurethane (PU) or steel coil rollers, Tong’s coil dirt eliminator is available as a fixed or adjustable dirt eliminating unit. It can be specified as your chosen dirt eliminator in a custom built fixed potato and vegetable sizing or washing line. The coil dirt eliminating unit can also be integrated into one of Tong’s mobile vegetable sizing machines, including the Caretaker, Storemaker and Fieldloader.

Designed as efficient crop dirt eliminating system suitable for light soil conditions, the Tong coil dirt eliminator can also be fitted after an EasyClean dirt eliminator. The Tong coil system is also ideal for sizing out smaller crop between ½” to 2”, built with 4, 6 or 8 rows of spiral coils or PU rollers. The Tong coil dirt eliminator is gentle on crop while effectively removing loose soil, small stones and clod from crop.




Tong’s steel coil dirt eliminator is available with a choice of fixed or adjustable shafts, in a 4, 6 or 8 row configuration. Also available in standard widths from 4ft to 8ft wide. When specified as an adjustable dirt eliminating unit, the gaps within the shafts are adjustable between ½” to 2”.
When used for dirt eliminating of carrots, parsnips, salad potatoes and smaller diameter crop varieties, the coil dirt eliminator is supplied with 110mm diameter tight wound coil shafts with a 10mm shaft gap, adjustable from 10 to 55mm. When specified for use on large diameter crops including main crop potatoes, red beet and onions, for effective husk removal, the coil dirt eliminator is supplied with 100mm diameter tight wound coils with a 20mm shaft gap, adjustable from 20 to 55mm.



A popular choice for effective onion, potato and red beet dirt eliminating, the PU coil dirt eliminator offers gentle yet effective removal of soil, clod and haulm from crop. Like the steel models, the heavy duty PU coil dirt eliminator is available with a choice of fixed or adjustable shafts in a 4, 6 or 8 row configuration and in standard widths from 4ft to 8ft wide. When specified as an adjustable cleaning unit, the gaps within the shafts are adjustable from 10 to 55mm.



Tong coil dirt eliminating units can be specified with an electric direct drive motor on every shaft, featuring Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology. When driven by all electric direct drive motors, the coil dirt eliminator offers the very best energy efficiency, as well as refined control of each shaft, for optimum dirt eliminating results.



Tong’s coil dirt eliminator separators are built to a cartridge-style design for easy interchange with other dirt eliminating units, allowing simple removal for service and maintenance.



Light Conditions

Tong’s coil separator offers effective crop dirt eliminating, particularly in lighter soil conditions. Removing soil, clod and haulm from a wide range of vegetables post-harvest.


All crop types

Whilst offering effective soil removal, Tong’s coil dirt eliminators are manufactured to perform in the most demanding crop dirt eliminating situations, whilst being very gentle on crop.


Steel or PU Coils

Available in a choice of steel or PU coils and a wide range of models as standard, Tong coil dirt eliminators are built in 4, 6 or 8 row configurations and from 1.2m to 2.4m wide.

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