Dirt Eliminating solution from Tong Engineering. Tong’s EasyClean Hydro-Sep offers a complete crop dirt eliminating solution, with exceptionally effective dirt eliminating results, and a throughput of up to 50 tons per hour. The EasyClean Hydro-Sep also helps to significantly reduce wear and tear on packing house equipment, in addition to the unrivalled crop dirt eliminating it offers. The Hydro-Sep removes potentially damaging sand, stones and debris from crop right at the beginning of the handling process, which makes it the ideal machine for very effective potato and carrot dirt eliminating prior to processing.

Effective vegetable debris removal

Incorporating Tong’s proven EasyClean separator, the EasyClean Hydro-Sep uniquely combines the separating capabilities of the EasyClean, integrated with the company’s best-selling vegetable destoner. This unique combination of a traditionally dry separator, with a Jacuzzi-style water-filled destoner creates unique wet dirt eliminating, destoning and debris removal process, all in one machine. This ensures efficient extraction of soil, stones, haulm and debris from a wide variety of root crops, including carrots, parsnips, potatoes, red beet, celeriac and more.


The EasyClean Hydro-Sep is designed to work on crop straight from the field or storage. This dirty crop commonly contains sand, soil, stones, haulm, debris, and in the case of carrots, very often straw. Crop and debris are fed into the water-filled destoner tank where stones and large clods are instantly removed; they sink to the bottom of the Jacuzzi-style tank whilst crop and other floating debris pass over to the EasyClean dirt eliminator. 

Wet crop passes over the EasyClean where any debris and straw or haulm is eliminated from the crop. It is effectively extracted by the finely-tuned configuration of the EasyClean’s deformable fluted rollers and clod rollers. This high-performance extraction initiates a pre-wash process, resulting in exceptional dirt eliminated crop ready for processing, and all stones/debris are removed, preventing any further damage to your sizing, washing and processing equipment.



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By combining the proven separating capabilities of Tong’s market leading EasyClean separator with a wet-application destoner, the EasyClean Hydro-Sep offers exceptional dirt eliminating results on the wet crop. In addition, the addition of the destoner means that stones and other high density debris is removed prior to the dirt eliminator, meaning no need for manual removal of larger stones after the EasyClean separator.



The EasyClean Hysro-Sep offers effective removal of straw which is particularly common in carrots crops which have been stored under straw. Where the process to remove the straw from the crop before it is sent for processing normally involves significant manual labour, the EasyClean Hydro-Sep offers effective and automatic removal of this straw, saving time and labour.



With the EasyClean Hydro-Sep, crop is handled exceptionally gently, as the machine’s water-filled destoning tank gently receives crop. Crop then passes over the water tank to the EasyClean separator, which effectively removes debris whist being gentle on the crop.

This product is suitable for:

  • Carrot Dirt Eliminating
  • Potato Dirt Eliminating



Destone & Separate

The EasyClean Hydro-Sep uniquely combines the proven separating capabilities of the EasyClean separator with a wet-application destoner, for exceptional dirt eliminating results.


Wet Dirt Eliminating

The integration of the destoner with the EasyClean separator means that stones and other high density debris is removed prior to dirt eliminating, meaning no need for manual removal of larger stones.


Up to 50 tons

Built to perform under the most demanding dirt eliminating situations, the EasyClean Hydro-Sep effectively destones and dirt eliminates up to 50 tons of crop per hour.

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