The JetFill ton tote filler is the ideal machine for automatic and gentle big ton tote filling with high throughputs of up to 40 tons per hour.

Designed with throughput and careful handling in mind, the JetFill’s lifting platforms automatically raise empty totes to the reversible feed conveyor to ensure minimal drop. As the tote fills, crop sensors lower on the tote filler platform until the tote is full and once the tote filling process is complete, the conveyor belt stops and reverses to fill the tote on the other side.

Easy ton TOTE Filling

When totes are full, the platform lowers further again, so the tote is suspended by its handles. The weight of the crop stretches the tote, ensuring crop fills the tote correctly, and it also ensures the tote sits suitably upright on a pallet. The tote filling platform then lifts the full tote a little, and electrically driven tote hook mechanism releases the tote handles. The tote can then be removed on its pallet by a forklift. This semi-automatic cycle continues as long as filled totes are replaced by empty ones.

Is a high capacity big ton tote filling what you’re looking for? The Tong JetFill big tote filler could be just what you need.





For ultimate safety, PVC safety curtains are fitted as standard to cover the area under the platform to prevent access whilst in operation.



The JetFIll is available with an infeed flighted elevator to carefully raise crop up to the tote filling conveyor. With a standard width of 750mm and up to 4m long, the big tote filler elevator features a small hopper at the infeed to ensure gentle handling and no spillage.



Gentle Handling

Rising tote platforms automatically lift and subsequently lower the tote to and from the feed conveyor for minimal drop and the gentlest handling.


Guarded Platform

For ultimate safety, PVC safety curtains are fitted as standard to cover the area under the platform to prevent access whilst in operation.


Up to 40 tph

The JetFill offers high throughput big tote filling that features easy tote removal and replacement, for gentle filling of 1 ton big totes, up to 40 tons per hour.

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