Whether you’re looking to fill 1 ton big totes or 1 ton bins, the Tong UniFill big tote filler gives you the flexibility to automatically fill both. Our range of ton bin fillers have outputs between 15 to 18 tons per hour.

Manufactured to offer the gentlest handling of crop by safely holding crop in ‘pockets’ within the vertical filling crop piler, the UniFill operates with a twin piler system fed by one reversible crop conveyor. It fills bins or big totes using one piler at a time.

Automatic filling of big totes

The UniFill automatically lowers the crop piler into the big tote and as the tote fills, the piler rises. When full, the reversible conveyor automatically reverses to feed the other vertical piler and the process is repeated. When carrying out bin filling, the conveyor traverses over the bin allowing the vertical pilers to fill bins evenly and gently.

A fixed-top model is available for filling big totes only, in which the crop conveyor is fixed for big tote filling, without the need to traverse.




Fitted with a heavy duty finger-flighted PVC belt, the UniFill big tote and bin filling pilers gently receive crop from the cross conveyor. It holds crop in a ‘pocket’ formed by the belt’s fingers and an outer-fitted crop retaining belt. This ensures crop is held within the belts finger flights until it reaches the bottom of the piler, guaranteeing minimal drop into the big tote or bin.



Featuring fully automatic, microprocessor control via crop-sensing probes., the UniFill offers effective, gentle and even filling of big tote and bins at the touch of a button.



Base on a simple yet effective design, the UniFill gives complete flexibility to growers and processors who regularly need to fill both big totes and bins. Allowing quick and efficient fulfillment of contract demands.



Gentle Handling

A unique finger-flighted PVC belt ensures crop is gently held until it reaches the bottom of the piler, guaranteeing minimal drop into the big tote or bin.


Big Totes and Bins

The UniFill operates with a twin vertical piler system that automatically lowers and rises for gentle filling of big totes, whilst traversing for even filling of bins.


Up to 18 tph

An ideal choice for those looking to effectively fill big totesand bins with one machine, the Tong UniFill offers gentle filling up to 18 tons per hour.

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