Vegetable Dryers are an ideal addition to any crop washing line, ensuring excess water from the vegetable washing process is removed, for optimum crop finish. Tong’s range of vegetable dryers offer an effective and reliable solution for drying vegetables including carrots and potatoes, perfect for dirty crop handlers.

Tong manufactures a range of effective vegetable drying machines that gently and efficiently dry root crop after washing, removing surplus water from the crop surface, ensuring a high quality washed finish.

Mild or stainless steel

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, Tong crop dryers are most commonly used for drying potatoes after washing or polishing. They are all manufactured with stainless steel product contact points, to comply with food handling standards in high-care packhouse environments.

Fitted with a choice of sponge or felt covered rollers, as standard, Tong’s vegetable dryers are driven by a heavy duty drive mechanism. Are you looking for the latest advancements in vegetable drying? Then Tong’s dryers are also available with the option of an inverter direct drive motor on every shaft, for improved energy efficiency, refined control and minimal maintenance.

Built in standard models of 7, 10 or 15 rollers, with standard widths from 600mm to 1.5m, the crop dryers can be specified as either independent units or customised and integrated into complete packhouse washing lines.




The most popularly used sponge dryers feature 100mm diameter hard-wearing sponge rings mounted on heavy duty shafts, creating sponge drying rollers that rotate in a forward motion and effectively carry crop gently across the machine whilst drying in the process. The most popular use of these is as a potato sponge drier.



Felt dryers are built on the same principals as the sponge dryer, but feature felt-covered rollers rather sponge. The felt rollers rotate in a forward motion whilst crop is dried as it passes over the rollers.



Tong vegetable dryers are available with the option of Tong’s Blue Inverter technology inverter direct driven motors on every shaft. This option offers exceptional energy efficiency, whilst eliminating the need for conventional sprocket and chain drive, resulting in a much lower maintenance machine. A key design feature lies in the motors being fixed to each shaft using a coupling, which allows motors and rollers to be quickly and easily removed, making maintenance much easier than ever before. These features combined, ensure minimal downtime and provide exceptional drying results.



A gentle soft start feature is fitted as standard on all Tong vegetable dryers, allowing motors to reach full power gradually, ensuring the gentlest handling whilst helping to increase longevity of the machine’s drive mechanisms.



Three rubber pintle rollers can be fitted as an option at the infeed of the vegetable dryers. This feature allows the majority of the water from the washing process to pass through the pintle rollers prior to crop reaching the sponge drying shafts, increasing the drying efficiency of the sponge or felt rollers.




Available with inverter direct drive on every shaft, Tong vegetable dryers offer improved energy efficiency, refined control and minimal maintenance.


7, 10 or 15 rollers

Manufactured in mild or stainless steel with all stainless steel contact points, Tong dryers can be built to suit your specific requirements with sponge or felt rollers.


600 to 1500mm wide

With a wide range of standard models, Tong offers a crop drying solution that performs in all vegetable washing environments, whatever your output needs.

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