Carrot Optical Sorting Line at Poskitts Carrots


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This video shows the latest carrot weighing machine and optical sorting technology in action at one of the UK’s larger producers and processors of carrots, potatoes and combinable crops, M H Poskitt Ltd. Better known as Poskitts, the forward-thinking vegetable producer and processor has chosen leading handling equipment manufacturer Tong Engineering to design a new carrot handling facility in-line with their business objectives of long-term growth, whilst minimising crop wastage.

Designed to incorporate the latest carrot optical sorting equipment, the new handling facility is currently being installed on-site at M H Poskitt Ltd in Goole, East Yorkshire, and is set to offer fully automated sorting of Poskitts’ over 1000 tons of carrots each week.

The new Tong carrot weighing machine and sorting facility will handle Poskitts washed carrot crop and is designed and built over two levels, incorporating a specially designed mezzanine floor to ensure the complete sorting process can be completed within one building on site at Poskitts. Washed carrots are received onto the new high-care stainless steel sorting line by a series of pilers and conveyors that feed an impressive seven-line optical carrot sorting system which integrates seven fully automated Visar Sortop optical sorters of which Tong is UK distributor. A sophisticated conveying system receives the sorted crop and transfers graded crop to bins, totes, or onward for cooling, weighing and packing.

For more details of Tong’s optical carrot sorting facility at M H Poskitt Ltd, click here.

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