Carrot Washing & Sizing Line from Tong


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This video shows a recent installation of a complete carrot washing and sizing line from Tong Engineering, at Polish fruit and vegetable producer, Polfarm.

The custom built stainless steel carrot washing, sizing and processing line incorporates some of the largest washing and cooling equipment manufactured by Tong Engineering, including a 41 foot long, 33,069 lb capacity wet hopper which offers effective presoaking of carrots prior to washing.

At the infeed of the new carrot line, a high capacity Tong Storemaker hopper-cleaning system with Tong’s market leading EasyClean separator, offers bulk unloading of the company’s carrot crop, and effective removal of soil and stems from carrots prior to the washing process.

The carrot washing line begins with a 40 ton per hour cyclone destoner followed by the large presoak tank which feeds two 16 ft long stainless steel barrel washers, four polishers and a large Hydro-Cooler which cools crop for increased longevity and shelf-life. Carrots are sized by diameter by a series of Tong’s lift roller sizers, and also by length with a number of vibrating length sizers, before they are transferred for packing.

Fore more details of this carrot washing and sizing system view our case study.

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