Electrics and Equipment Control

Tong Engineering is proud to offer some of the most technically advanced equipment controls available on the market.

Tong has a continuous commitment to provide the most efficient and technically advanced vegetable grading and handling equipment, both to growers and packers throughout the UK and worldwide. Dedicated to developing the electrics and equipment control within our market leading machinery.

Continual Innovation

Tong is proud to be industry leaders in equipment control. Our energy-saving Blue Inverter Technology offers all electric inverter direct drive, which can be implemented on all variable speed motors. Then there’s Tong’s advanced Auto-Touch HMI controls, for instant adjustment to machines settings, available at the touch of a button.

Intelligent Systems

Tong brings a level of control and system intelligence to the vegetable handling industry, with intelligent touch screen control options on all its latest equipment. The technology we use would more commonly be seen in the aviation and rail industries, not the farming industry! These advanced controls incorporate intelligent diagnostics modules as well as enhanced safety modules and a maintenance schedule module, offering system monitoring and reporting, to minimise downtime and increase productivity.

All Tong equipment wiring, control panels and advanced touch screen controls are designed and produced in-house. Our experienced team of expert electrical and technical engineers are always available to answer any technical questions, so feel free to contact us today to find out more information.


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