Designed, patented and manufactured by leading vegetable handling specialist Martin Maq carrot & potato polisher. The half-barrel crop polishing system features a unique pendulum brushing action, for high-quality polishing results of up to 15 tons per hour! This is almost double the rate of the U-Brush Polisher.

Effective Potato Polisher and Carrot Polisher

Suitable for polishing a wide range of vegetables, the Martin Maq polisher is an effective carrot & potato polisher. It also offers effective rutabaga polishing and works well on parsnips, beetroots and turnips.

Main features

Featuring ten 3m long polishing brush shafts configured in a ‘U’ formation, the Martin Maq polisher is manufactured with an independent motor on each brush shaft, ensuring the reliable running and minimal maintenance. Featuring variable speed inverter direct drive, to easily change the speed of the polisher’s pendulum action. The Martin Maq also has a fully adjustable polishing brush, ensuring maximum polishing flexibility and energy efficiency.

Manufactured in heavy duty stainless steel, the Martin Maq carrot & potato polisher ensures high quality and reliable crop polishing. It is a very low maintenance machine and is very economical to run too. Contact us today for further information.




The Martin Maq carrota polisher features a unique, patented, pendulum polishing action. This gently rocking motion, in conjunction with the polisher’s spinning brushes, offers exceptional crop rotation throughout the polisher, ensuring a high quality polished finish.



For complete control over polishing quality, depending on the conditions and throughput requirements of each batch, the Martin Maq polisher is fitted with a fully adjustable flow door. Quick and easy to adjust, the flow door is adjustable at the touch of the button and ensures an even flow of crop through the polisher to suit your throughput and crop residency requirements.



The Martin Maq polisher offers versatile polishing on a wide range of vegetables, offering high quality vegetable polishing results with the gentlest handling in mind. The unique pendulum motion of the polishing barrel allows a highly effective polished appearance, alongside very careful movement of crop.



Pendulum Action

Featuring a unique, patented, pendulum polishing action, the Martin Maq polisher operates with a gentle rocking motion and spinning brushes for a high quality finish.


All crop types

Suitable for polishing a wide range of vegetables, the Martin Maq polisher offers effective yet gentle crop polishing of potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, turnips and more.


Up to 15 tph

Built to perform under the most demanding vegetable polishing situations, the Martin Maq vegetable polisher effectively polishes crop with outputs up to 15 tons per hour.

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