Built to offer reliable performance and efficient and gentle dumping of potato and vegetable bins, Tong’s 150° bin dumper is a popular choice for a continuous flow of crop onto any vegetable processing line. Its advanced design allows bins to be emptied fully and with hassle-free automatic operation.

ROBUST & RELIABLE bin dumper

As with all Tong dumpers, the 150° bin dumper is designed to meet stringent safety standards. It features a bin movement siren and empty beacon, as well as light guards, which ensure simple and safe operation at all times.

Manufactured to last with robust construction and easy-to-use controls, you can be sure that when you choose a Tong potato and vegetable bin dumper, you choose a reliable machine that will empty bins fully and gently. It is guaranteed to perform in the most demanding vegetable handling situations.

We have an extensive range of tote and bin dumpers including the revolver bin dumper too, if you are looking for a bin dumper with a higher output.




All Tong bin dumpers are built with an energy efficient power-saving mode which identifies and shuts-off the dumper when not in use.



Tong bin and tote dumpers are designed to meet stringent safety standards, featuring a bin/tote movement siren and empty beacon, as well as light guards, which meet the full requirements of EC legislation. The light guards become active when the dumper cradle begins to lift and any breaking of the security beams will stop the machine.



Tong offers an automatic hydraulically operated clamp bin lid as an option on all bin dumpers. The hydraulic lid automatically lowers onto the top of the bin once the bin is placed in the dumping cradle. This ensures a secure hold of the bin within the dumper, and completely removes the chance of any spillage of crop. When a full clamp lid is fitted, it incorporates a hydraulically opening flow door which opens to release crop once the bin is dumped. A half clamp lid can also be fitted meaning half of the lid is open, so as the dumper lifts in increments, controlled by crop sensors, the crop gently flows out of the bin.



The option of an in-line forward conveyor is a popular choice for a continuous and even feed of crop from the dumper, as well as offering holding capacity whilst the bin or tote is changed. The forward conveyor is fitted at the outfeed of the dumper and is available in two standard options – 6ft long x 6½ft wide or 10ft long x 7 ¾ ft wide. The crop conveyors are powered by inverter direct drive variable speed motors, and a crop sensor fitted to the top of the conveyor controls the dumping mechanism and the even flow of crop from the dumper to the conveyor. Should there be no crop or a gap in the flow of crop on any part of the belt, the crop sensor automatically accelerates the belt until crop reaches the end of the belt, then the speed returns to normal.



Similar to the in-line forward conveyor, the option of a cross conveyor is offered at the outfeed of all Tong dumpers. This option helps to ensure a continuous flow of crop, and offers crop-holding capacity whilst the bin is changed. It is particularly popular where crop is required to flow at a 90° angle from the orientation of the dumper, often where space is limited.

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