Forklift Tipping Bins

Our handy forklift tipping bins are exceptionally easy to use and make collecting general waste from your packhouse, farmyard, factory floor, workshop, building site or materials handling facility, quick and convenient. So, no matter what use you have for them, you can rest assured that our simple yet effective tipping bins are a trouble-free and safe way of collecting and moving waste from one area to a larger waste skip for collection. With a holding capacity of up to 1200kg and a simple manual handle for the ‘Bomb Door’ opening, our Big Bag Bins offer an economical and versatile solution to filling big bags. Once the bag is hooked onto the arms and the door is opened, the bin is lifted by its fork-lift tubes and the bag fills. Tong’s Big Bag Bins are suitable for use with box fillers as an alternative to conventional potato boxes when bag filling is required.