Potato Bin Filling with Single Vertical Bin Fillers from Tong

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Tong Engineering prides itself on manufacturing the most advanced and gentle potato bin filling equipment. Using the specially designed EasyFill Bin Filler for a wide range of vegetables. From potatoes, parsnips and carrots to onions, Brussel sprouts, bulbs and more.

This video shows six vertical bin fillers gently filling potato bins . Within a recently installed Tong potato grading and washing line in Sweden. Manufactured to ensure the gentlest handling of potatoes, within minimal drops on transfer points, Tong vertical bin filling equipment features deep-flighted belts. To gently receive potatoes and cradle crop until it reaches the bottom of the bin. The vertical flighted bin-filling conveyor automatically lowers into the bottom of the bin when a new bin is presented. As the potato bin is filled, the conveyor automatically raises. Remaining close to the crop level for minimal drop and the gentlest handling.

For more details of Tong’s wide range of potato and vegetable big tote and bin filling equipment, click here.

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