Mobile Carrot Sizing & Dirt Eliminating with the Tong Fieldloader


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The newly designed Tong Fieldloader mobile vegetable dirt eliminator and sizer offers all the efficiencies and savings of Tong’s flagship mobile sizer, the Caretaker, with the added benefit of allowing growers to clean and inspect crop straight from the harvester and load directly into bulker trucks for onward travel and processing. This is the perfect solution for your mobile carrot sizing needs.

Tong’s Fieldloader has been designed with ultimate convenience in mind, offering a single self-contained mobile unit which makes multi-site and in-field dirt eliminating & handling quicker and easier than ever before. Incorporating a hopper, dirt eliminator, inspection table and extending elevator on one heavy duty road-going chassis, the Fieldloader features remote controls to the Tong EasyLoad extending elevator. With all the latest technical advancements, the Fieldloader really is the next generation in efficient and reliable in-field crop cleaning and loading.

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